Moving to Spain as a family on a Digital Nomad visa

  • Client

    A family of entrepreneurs engaged in business in the field of construction and 3D visualization.

  • Objectives

    Obtaining a residence permit in Spain to continue business and the possibility of free movement throughout Europe.


The story began when clients, while in Turkey, were exploring two options for moving to Spain: for financially independent individuals and through the Digital Nomad program.

They were looking for the best option to speed up the process and avoid the complications associated with filing documents in Russia. The choice fell on the program for digital nomads, since it allowed submitting documents from outside Russia. But given the specifics of the client’s business and the presence of an individual entrepreneur, they had no understanding of how they could apply for this type of residence permit.

The complication was the limited time: the validity of the children’s police clearance certificates and Schengen visas was coming to an end. It was necessary to act quickly and harmoniously


We organized several meetings with clients, developed a strategy and prepared a set of documents, including a long-term contract, extracts from the company register, permission to work remotely, a resume and portfolio for 3D visualization, as well as an obligation to open an individual entrepreneur in Spain.

We arranged Schengen visas for clients and when they arrived in Barcelona, ​​we promptly submitted the documents. Despite the stressful wait and the risk of expiring documents, we supported clients at all stages of the process and kept them informed of all developments.

On the last day, out of 20 working days officially allocated for consideration of the application, approval came for 3 years!


On the 20th working day, the last working day officially allocated for consideration of the application, the approval of a residence permit for 3 years came!

This case was not an easy challenge, but thanks to our work, the family got the opportunity to start a new life in Spain and travel freely throughout Europe.

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