Moving to Poland on the Poland Business Harbour program

  • Client

    IT marketers, a couple looking to relocate to Europe.

  • Objectives

    Obtain a visa to any country in Europe with the ability to work and travel freely in Europe.


Our client and his girlfriend, who had lived in Turkey for 1.5 years, were looking for a change and chose to move to Europe. Our service was recommended to them by a colleague who had successfully moved to Poland. It was important for the clients to travel freely in Europe and easily integrate into the new culture of the country.


We organized several meetings with the clients, developed a strategy and prepared a set of documents including a long-term contract, company registry statements, remote work permit, 3D visualization resume and portfolio, and a commitment to open a sole proprietorship in Spain.

We made a Schengen visa for the clients and when they arrived in Barcelona, we promptly submitted the documents. Despite the stressful wait and the risk with expiring documents, we supported the clients through every step of the process and kept them informed of all developments.

On the last day, out of the 20 working days officially allotted to the application, the approval for 3 years came in!


On the 20th working day, the last working day of the officially allotted time to review the application, came the approval of the residence permit for 3 years!

This case was not an easy challenge, but thanks to our work, the family was able to start a new life in Spain and travel freely in Europe.

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