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  • About the service

    • We will help you develop a strategy for your relocation, analyze your business project, advise you on taxes and tell you about the business environment and life in the chosen country. We will tell you about the necessary documents and give advice on adaptation and integration. During the consultation you will find answers to all questions about moving and successful adaptation.

  • Payment and filling in the questionnaire

    • After payment, you fill out a short form where you describe the key issues you are interested in. This will help the expert to prepare on your case and not waste time on basic questions during the consultation. We strive to make the time spent with the expert as useful and productive for you as possible.

  • Consultation

    • An expert will help you determine the best strategy for your relocation, answer detailed questions about taxes, document preparation, analyzing business ideas for startup visas or adaptation opportunities. Prepare your questions in advance to get the most detailed and accurate answers.

  • Evaluation and feedback

    • If you wish, you can share your feedback so that we can continue to improve the service. Your feedback will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the consultation and make future experiences even better.

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