Obtaining a Residence Permit with Full Support

  • About the service

    • A full range of services to organize the move, from expert advice and planning to preparation of documents and adaptation in the new place.

  • Consultation and analysis

    • After payment, an initial consultation with an expert is organized to analyze the situation and develop an optimal strategy. The client's ideas, initiatives and individual circumstances are studied in detail, and a clear plan for all stages of relocation is formed.

  • Gathering documents and preparing for interviews

    • Full support in collecting and preparing documents for a visa or residence permit. In case of a startup visa, a business plan is developed, which is then agreed and prepared for presentation. Experts check the documents and ensure that they are ready for submission.

  • Filing

    • If filing online, documents are submitted on behalf of the client. If personal attendance is required, support is provided in organizing and preparing all necessary details for a successful submission.

  • Personal tracker

    • A personal account with a tracker is created to track the status of the application, receive notifications of next steps and keep the entire process under control.

  • Adapting to the move

    • Counseling on adapting to the new country is provided, and support is given in preparing for the move to ensure a comfortable and effective assimilation into the new environment.

  • On call daily

    • Chat with an expert is available daily during office hours for all questions about the relocation process and at weekends for urgent questions. If necessary, an online meeting can be easily arranged to discuss questions and provide additional support.

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